Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Sign Deal To Get New Poker Site Underway

The state of Oklahoma say that they won't further oppose the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma who seek to launch their own online gambling website.

Back in December the federally recognized Indian Tribe sued the state in federal court after they questioned the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma, and their plans to launch their own online gambling brand The state questioned the tribe's intentions of launching a gambling site that would attract players from outside the US, and if it was within the gaming limitations for the state of Iowa.

Federal Judge Told No Reason For Arbitrator's Award Not Being Certified

To resolve the standoff, the state sought arbitration with the arbitrator concluding that there was indeed no conflict with the compact, just so long as their online operations were all located within their tribal lands.

In February the tribe who also operate 3 land based casinos in the state, had applied for a summary judgement, and finally on Wednesday the federal judge handling the law suit was told by the state that there wasn't any reason as to why the arbitrators decision should not be certified.

This is not exactly the first time the state has travelled down this road where they have approved a similar request as in the case with the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma back in 2013.

At that time the federal department of Indian Affairs had objected to plans which were based on their understanding that any approval would not be in accordance with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). As it would turn out the tribe ultimately shelved all online ambitions, as a change in tribal leadership was to follow.

Interestingly, both of the tribes' online gaming plans both evolve around technology that comes from Florida-based company Universal Entertainment Group (UEG), and the Iowa Tribe have now signed a deal to get their new online Poker Site underway.

The UEG website at present also advertises another online gaming venture that is coming soon in the form of, whom they claim will be offering a "legalized real money play online casino, launched by one of the American Indian tribes from their sovereign nation to and for in-flight players!"

One wonders how much this online casino adventure will cost the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma as there will be significant marketing costs involved in the promotion of, particularly in light of the massive presence already established by other gambling websites. Whether there will be any benefits for the Iowa Tribe remain to be seen.

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