Explaining the Poker Laws in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is one of the US states with legal poker. In fact, compared to other states in the South, they allow more legal gambling. This is the reason why players from nearby states all troop to Oklahoma. The state offers them more options for gambling fun. Although more gambling is allowed, this is also heavily regulated by different regulatory agencies. The Compliance Unit of the Office for State Finance Games regulated Indian casinos through compliance with the Gaming Compact. The Oklahoma Charity Gaming Enforcement handles nonprofit gaming like bingo while the Oklahoma Racing Commission is in charge of all the state's parimutuel wagers.

Poker laws in Oklahoma is different when it comes to its gambling laws. If you take a close look at laws that pertain to gambling, poker gets special mention. The law specifically states games of poker in gambling terms. If you want to see the full details of the law that pertains to gambling, you can check out Section 21-941 of the Oklahoma state code. Basically, poker is specifically identified as gambling under these laws. Only a few states have this legal mention. Ohio is one other state that defines poker as gambling.

Legal poker games in the state include the many tribal casinos spread out across Oklahoma. Poker rooms that offer year round action to poker players are Riverwind Casino in the city of Oklahoma and the Hard Rock Poker Room at Tulsa. But if you are the type of player who does not want to socialize in a casino environment while playing poker, your other poker options that are legal are limited. Unfortunately, social gambling is not exempted. Poker laws in Oklahoma does not exempt private or home games of poker. In Section 3A-401 in the Oklahoma Charity Games Act, a number of gambling games were exempted for charity but poker is not included in this exception list.

So to answer the question of whether online poker is legal in Oklahoma, sadly, the answer is no. Online poker or social gambling are not exempted in the state's laws. Poker laws in Oklahoma only considers as legal those games played in regulated casinos. So if you are looking for a state to play online poker legally, Oklahoma is not the state for you.

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