Bet Thunder Total

If you want to get in on some gaming action, but do not want to bet on a team to win or lose you can do just that with the totals bet. This bet is easy to understand and for Oklahoma City fans out there the bet Thunder total is a solid wager to make.

Ok, so you want to bet Thunder total for the game what do you do? Well, at any sportsbook online you will see the spread for the game and the totals number as well. You have 2 choices in the totals wager, as you are betting the over or under in how many points will be scored by both teams in the game. For example, for the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. L.A. Lakers game the posted total is 212. If you lay green on the over then both teams would have to combine for more than 212 for you to win. So, if the final score of the game was Thunder 115 Lakers 110 the total would be 225, so the over bet would be the winning one and the under the losing one.

Many times you will see a total like 211.5 and you may ask yourself how is it possible to score half a point? Well, it's not, but sportsbooks will add that half a point to prevent a tie bet. In taking the example above the total is 212 and the Thunder beat the Lakers 107-105. The total of 212 is exactly the posted total, which means the bet would end in a push and you will get your original money back. Any time a .5 is added to the posted total there is now way a tie can take place.

Now you know the bet Thunder total wager, which pays out even money and can be an exciting option to take and you do not even need to root for a team to win the wager!

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